I greatly enjoyed presenting the webinar “Making the ‘Right’ Decision at the Information Lifecycle Management Crossroads” yesterday.
The good news for those of you who missed it is that I will be repeating the free webinar on Wednesday, March 15. Registration details are here.
It’s been calculated that electronic discovery costs will be in the neighborhood of $2 billion in 2006. However, total costs of compliance, including Sarbanes Oxley, are estimated to be $27 billion.
These numbers are just part of the reason why many people are rethinking their efforts in information management.
In the world of electronic discovery, there has been a focus on information retention and deletion issues or, if you will, how information “dies.”
As we look more closely at the use and value of information within an organization, however, there is a growing realization that information has different uses and value from time to time, and there are many more things that we care about than simply whether a document should be retained or deleted.
In fact, we can both better manage risk and extract more business value from our information if we consider carefully how we treat information at each stage from the time of its creation to its final disposal. That’s information lifecycle management, and this webinar addresses some practical approaches for addressing these issues.
The webinar is based on a white paper on this topic I recently wrote for RenewData (white paper available for free download here).
As I write, speak and learn more about this topic, it strikes my as one of the most important information issues facing organizations today. I invite you to join me on the 15th to learn more about this topic.
From the program description:

A myriad of challenges – from corporate governance to regulatory compliance requirements are affecting the approach organizations are taking to records and electronic discovery management.
With these challenges in mind, this Webinar is designed to:
+ Provide insight and education on the evolving world of information lifecycle management (ILM).
+ Discuss the challenges that decision-makers face when considering treating organizational data as evidence.
+ Explore an approach to managing these challenges by focusing on an integrated, needs-based approach to providing long-term, forward-looking solutions which promises better results in meeting both today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges.

It’s an important topic and I hope that you can attend. A big thank you to my friends at RenewData for making this happen.
Register here.
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