Thanks to the very nice people at Caselogistix, I’ll be speaking at the LegalTech Westcoast 2006 show on the afternoon of June 5 about electronic discovery trends and predictions. The panel for this presentation consists of me, so you’ll get a lot of my favorite ideas, for better or worse. I guarantee I’ll give you plenty of things to think about.
This presentation will be an update of the presentation I gave back in January at LegalTech New York that was one of my best-received presentations, so I’m excited to get to give it again. There will be changes from the earlier version. In fact, quite a bit is changing in the world of electronic discovery these days.
If you are attending the show, it’d be great if you would attend my session and say hello. I’ll be around the show as well and don’t have much in the way of specific plans. If there’s a group of bloggers who might like to get together, let me know and we can get the word out. Otherwise, I’ll probably focus on seeing what’s going on with vendors these days.
After LegalTech, I’ll give two presentations at the always great Missouri Solo and Small Firm Conference – one on email management and information overload (and the role of blogs) and the other on inexpensive technology choices for litigators (where I’ll get the chance to co-present with my friend Bob Wiss from CaseSoft).
Then . . . I looked at my calendar and saw that I have no other presentations scheduled for the near future. Of course, that means that I should be reminding you that this is a GREAT time to schedule me to speak for your group or event. However, I must admit that it’s nice to have a little break from speaking this summer.
In any event, I hope to see you in Los Angeles or Missouri next week. Be sure to say hello if you see me.
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