I see that once again material that someone thought they had redacted in a PDF file has been easily exposed (story here). This happens with enough frequency that it’s good to remind people that you really need to understand and follow specific directions if you want to redact materials in PDF files.
Fortunately, Adobe’s Rick Borstein has done an excellent job of explaining exactly what you need to do if you want to do this type of redaction in posts here (be sure to read the comments) and here. Rick has done a great job of explaining how best to use Adobe Acrobat in the legal profession on his blog and elsewhere.
If you do any kind of redaction, you must read Rick’s blog posts. There’s no need for you to be featured in the next newspaper article on this type of mistake.
By the way, since a reasonable first step to take before attemting to redact a PDF would be to Google “redacting PDFs” and the first result there at the time of this post is one of Rick’s posts, and you’ll also find some other good resources, it is surprising that these stories are still occurring.
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