I’ve been planning to write about this topic for a few days. . . .
I’ve written about David Allen, Getting Things Done and procrastination from time to time on this blog (see this post, for example).
In the last few days, I’ve been having a bit of a David Allen / GTD festival. I did a big brain dump and collection of tasks,along with a sorting and organizing, in part prompted by watching a video seminar, courtesy of the great people at MindJet, in which Allen talked about the GTD (that’s “Getting Things Done”) approach and how he uses mindmaps. Details on viewing that seminar can be found here.
Even better, Merlin Mann at the great 43 Folders blog is doing a series of podcast interviews with David Allen on a number of topics.
I listened to the one on procrastination today. It’s insightful and enlightening, at both the practical and psychological level. I liked Allen’s comment that the prettier his house looked, the more you could tell that he was avoiding a big project. I also was cheered to learn that the time management guru cheerfully admits to the need to deal with procrastination.
This session is especially good for bloggers. Many times, you will find barriers and distractions to getting a post up there, especially if you get hung up on writing the “great American blog post.”
Currently, I have a few of those that I’m not writing – but I do have titles for them. Here are just a few on my list that I hope will one day get written and see the light of day: “The Unbearable Everydayness of Blogging,” “Reading on the Backstreets,” “OODA Loops in the Delivery of Legal Services,” “The Coming Legal Expansion to India,” “My Email from Patti Smith,” “The Compleat Macintosh Primer for Lawyers,” to name just a few that I see on the list I’m looking at now. It probably goes without saying that these would all be long posts.
With the new ideas I have, I have a new understanding of the procrastination issue. Soon, action may follow. If you haven’t experimented with the whole podcast thing yet, the procrastination podcast might be a good starting place.
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