There’s a new edition out of the Thinking E-Discovery column Tom Mighell, Evan Schaeffer and I write over on the ever-excellent site.
In this column, called “Metadata Revisited: Recent Developments, Correcting Common Misconceptions and Analyzing the Florida Approach,” Evan and I give Tom a break to prep a trial while we revisit the murky netherworld of lawyers’ reactions to metadata, especially the unusual approaches taken by the Florida Bar. We have some fun with the issue and try to teach some basics about metadata, help you avoid common metadata misconceptions, and offer some ways for you to deal with metadata issues a little better.
If the column piques your interest in electronic discovery, check out our previous columns and then take a run over to the new column Tom and I wrote about our favorite Internet resources for electronic discovery called “EDD-ucating Yourself About Electronic Discovery.”
As a note, all of my blog posts on electronic discovery may be found in the electronic discovery category archive on this blog.
As I’ve mentioned before, Tom and I do some speaking on electronic discovery topics.
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Learn more about electronic discovery at Dennis Kennedy’s Electronic Discovery Resources page.
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