The latest stop on my recent electronic discovery speaking tour was at the deservedly highly-praised Coast to Coast podcast on the Legal Talk Network, one of the longest-running legal podcast series.
The podcast is now available and here’s the description:

On December 1, 2006, new amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will take effect and change how civil cases will be tried forever. In this Coast to Coast we discuss the e-discovery changes, what the impact will be for corporate America and how companies can prepare themselves before the new rules take effect. Join bloggers and co-hosts, J.Craig Willams and Robert Ambrogi as they get insight into the world of e-discovery from the experts, Michele C.S. Lange, Esq., staff attorney in the Electronic Evidence Services group at Kroll Ontrack Inc. and Dennis Kennedy, well-known lawyer and legal technology consultant based in St. Louis, Missouri. Don’t miss this program!

What a great group to work with! A big thank you to everyone at Coast to Coast, especially Kate Kenney, for inviting me.
If you would like to get a good overview on what you need to know about electronic discovery in the context of the upcoming amendments to the FRCP, this podcast is a great starting place. Michele is certainly one of the most knowledgeable people you will find on EDD issues and Bob and Craig did their usual great job of asking questions that focused on the issues that should be on the minds of lawyers as December 1 approaches.
If you haven’t yet experimented with listening to podcasts, or don’t yet understand what the whole podcast thing is about, this episode of Coast to Coast will be a great place to get introduced to the podcast phenomenon. Even better, subscribe to the Coast to Coast RSS feed and you’ll get automatic notice of new programs.
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Learn more about electronic discovery at Dennis Kennedy’s Electronic Discovery Resources page.
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