Ron Friedman does a great job of highlighting the biggest unanswered questions in electronic discovery today in a post called “Future (Pending??) E-Discovery Landmines?
Here’s the way I’ve phrased the issue: What will “documents” mean in a world where almost all information is held in gigantic databases? That might mean huge enterprise databases and database applications (e.g., SAP) or the world of Web 2.0 (the web as a set of database apps on the biggest database there is).
Interestingly, Ron, Tom Mighell and I recorded a webcast on electronic discovery last fall that hasn’t yet been released (for reasons outside our control) where we touched on this topic for a few minutes. Ron, in his post, has done a great job of introducing and exploring the topic.
If you thought the move from paper discovery to electronic discovery was difficult, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Read Ron’s post.
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