As we wait for the wave of adoption of Windows Vista to wash over the computer landscape, we have a little time to contemplate the impact of Windows Vista on electronic discovery. Does anyone think it won’t make lawyers jobs in electronic discovery even more complicated.
Litigators might start their reading on the subject with Craig Ball’s “Microsoft Brings an Altered Vista to EDD.” Follow that up with Jeff Beard’s “Vista Shadow Copies — Helpful to Users, Even More to EDD Recovery?” Both will give you a good start to thinking about Vista’s impact on EDD. It’s always good to plan ahead.
Hmmm, I wonder if “shadow copies” will get more attention on 2008 than metadata.
Electronic discovery is an ever-changing universe. What will be the roles for lawyers who won’t or can’t keep up with developments?
Craig Ball also talks a bit about Vista and EDD in a very good edition of the Lawyer2Lawyer podcast on Electronic Discovery Misconceptions.
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