Two of the hottest issues in electronic discovery are metadata and the recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. It’s no surprise that one of the most interesting places in electronic discovery is at the intersection of metadata and the amendments.
Workshare, a leading e-discovery and legal discovery vendor, has just released a new white paper called “FRCP and Metadata: Avoiding the Lurking e-Discovery Disaster” that surveys this important territory, with an emphasis on the practical and a focus on the metadata management and preparation needs of organizations. Outside counsel has not taken a leadership role in metadata and EDD preparation and guidance, so it’s incumbent on those charged with dealing with these issues inside organizations to take charge of this issues. The white paper has practical tips, useful charts, and suggested steps you should take. Download the white paper here.
Admittedly, I might be a little biased toward the author, who is Dennis Kennedy. Yes, that’s me. Seriously, though, I enjoyed getting the chance to write the paper, work with the good people at Workshare, and to learn about the very interesting products Workshare has for addressing metadata management and other e-discovery matters.
As I wrote the paper, I became especially intrigued by their notion that we are evolving from a first generation of “metadata scrubbing” to a second generation of “metadata hygiene.” It’s a useful metaphor, and places the emphasis on dealing with information as a process.
I recommend the white paper (it’s a free download) and welcome your feedback.
As some readers may already know, I have written a number of white papers for legal technology vendors in the past year or so. I enjoy writing white papers. To answer a frequent question I get, yes, I am available to write a limited number of white papers and welcome vendor inquiries on potential white paper projects.
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