Pardon Our 100th Interruption” is the title of the 100th episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast for the Legal Talk Network. Listeners who go back to the very beginning will know that there were six earlier episodes we did on our own that we like to refer to as the Lost Episodes since they are no longer available on the Internet or iTunes.

Tom and I decided to adopt the format of one of our favorite podcasts, ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, popularly known as “PTI,” for episode #100. When we launched the podcast in its current form, PTI was one of our models. The other model was the Slate Political Gabfest. If you know Tom and me, it should be no surprise that we took those models and ended up with something completely different.

In Episode #100, we used the PTI format to talk about a lot of legal technology topics in a short time.

The format also gave us a chance to respond to listeners who think that Tom and I should disagree more in the show. In a segment called “Toss-up,” we intentionally take different sides on several topics. It works well, except for Tom believing that he won every argument.

Here’s the show description:

#100 – Pardon Our 100th Interruption [LTN] [LTRC]

The Kennedy-Mighell Report has reached a milestone: Episode 100! As part of the celebration your hosts will bring you today’s legal technology issues in the format of one of their favorite shows: ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption. Hear how technology can make your business more efficient, highlights from the ABA Tech Show, the future of technology for lawyers, and more.

We had good time recording this episode and it was a fun way to celebrate episode #100. We’ve really enjoyed the reception and response our podcast has gotten over the years. Consider this episode our way of saying thanks.

And now we get started on the next 100.

Remember the podcast is now available at two places: the Legal Talk Network and the ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center. And it’s available in iTunes, where you can subscribe and have new episodes appear in iTunes automatically when they are released. As always, if you have ideas for topics or questions for us to answer on the podcast, let us know.

Dennis Kennedy

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