Microphone photoFrom time to time, I like to post a set of links to recent Kennedy-Mighell Report podcasts and to podcast interviews I’ve done. It’s that time again.

Let me start with a recent very fun and wide-ranging interview I did for Lora Cheadle and her Flaunt! podcast. The episode is titled “Technology, the Legal Profession and What That Means for You.”

From the episode description:

As a former lawyer, I like to think of the law as the invisible rules that hold our society together. Everything we do, from marriage, to children, to jobs, to driving, to buying a home or renting an apartment is governed by some sort of law. And whether or not we are aware of what those laws say or require, we are still impacted by them every day.

Similar to the way the internet has brought us access to more medical information than ever before, so too has it increased our access to legal information. This impacts the consumer, but it also impacts the lawyers. Now, more than ever, lawyers must embrace technology so they can serve their clients in the most effective, efficient manner. And if they can’t, then another lawyer certainly will!

Fortunately there are lawyers such as Dennis Kennedy out there who are leading the charge.

You will find the episode here.

It’s been great recently to keep running into listeners of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast. We started the podcast in 2006 and it’s always nice to meet listeners who like what we are doing. We also love getting questions from listeners about legal technology that we can use in the show. We even have a voicemail number for you to leave your questions (anything is fair game) for us – (720) 441-6820. Or, as Tom might say “(720) 441-6820, again, that’s (720) 441-6820.”

We’ve just completed the first half of 2019. Here’s the list:

The Essential Summer Reading List: Best Beach Reads for Lawyers

Summer reading lists, how reading is changing, how that affects the reader’s experience (i.e. digital, audio, or paper).

Deep Fakes: Preparing Lawyers to Combat Counterfeits

Fake photos, fake video, and fake audio – how the deep fake phenomenon impacts the practice of law.

Taking Back Control: Managing Your Tech Addiction the Smart Way

Why a tech detox, even just for the duration of a vacation, is overkill compared to adopting a digital mindfulness approach.

A Global Legal Tech Space: Aiming for a Truly Collaborative Online Community

Ideas for bringing the legal tech community together in a collaborative online space.

Emojis and Gifs: Pictorial Language Implications in Law

Emojis and gifs and the implications of their use in the legal profession, with bonus discus on how to pronounce “gif” correctly.

What’s Your Favorite Cool Tool?

Cool tools — the tools we can’t live without and a big shout out to the great Cool Tools podcast.

Technology Competence Perspectives

A conversation with superfan and Friend of the Podcast, Debbie Foster, about her perspectives on the current state of technology in the practice of law.

The Future of Legal Tech Conferences

Historic first episode where we are both physically at the same location, we discuss the current state of legal tech conferences and the need for balance between highly innovative content and essential training content at tech conferences.

Best Practices for Measures and Metrics in Law Firms

Measures and metrics, KPIs and OKRs, and how lawyers can use them to better their practices.

Quantum Computing — How Will it Affect the Legal Profession?

What lawyers need to know about quantum computing – and how soon they need to know it.

Exploring the Definition of “Legal Technology”

Deciphering the meanings of “legal technology” in 2019 – harder to do than you might expect.

Resolutions for Tech Improvement in 2019

Our fearless technology and podcast resolutions for 2019.

That’s 2019 so far. More great shows coming up in the second half of 2019. Listen to the podcast from the Legal Talk Network site or in your favorite podcast listening program or service. There are convenient links to podcasting tools in the left column of the podcast’s homepage.

We so enjoy producing the podcast and hope you find it useful and entertaining. If you have feedback, questions for us to answer on the show, or episode ideas, let us know by messaging either of us on LinkedIn or any of our other communication channels.

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