Microphone photoI’ve been doing a lot of podcasting and “Zoomcasting” lately and wanted to collect links to them all in one place in this post.

The Kennedy-Mighell Report Podcast

Tom and I have done some great shows on some cool topics lately. We have some great stuff planned for the next few months, so it’s a great time to subscribe to the podcast. This list takes you back to the beginning of the pandemic era and is also interesting as a time capsule.

Second Brain Project: Capture, Part 1

Where the Heck Are We? — 2020 Mid-Year Reflections

Eureka! — The Beginnings of Dennis & Tom’s Second Brain Project

Moving from Idea to Action

Top Tips & Tools for Better Online Presentations

Video & Audio Quality Matter — Make Your Remote Work More Professional

Wellness Tech: Self-Care While Sheltering in Place

Good Tech Spending Decisions in Tough Economic Times

A Remote Working Guide to COVID-19 and Beyond

Key Takeaways from TECHSHOW 2020

Coronavirus Looms – Can Technology Replace Travel?

All Things Microsoft! — Tools & Tips for Lawyers with Ben Schorr

Guest Appearances

Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile with Dennis Kennedy and Allison Shields

TSLP Podcast #11: From Mobile to Desktop, My Conversation with Entrepreneur Dennis Kennedy!

Law Insights with Bob Ambrogi and Dennis Kennedy 7.1 (Video)

Tips and Tools to Maximize Your Personal Productivity (Video)

Legal Tech: Where to Spend and How to Leverage During COVID-19 (Video)

Working Remotely During COVID-19 (Video)

Check them out! Lots of good stuff in this batch. And all free.


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