Please join the Exponential Legal team on Wednesday, May 26, at 3:30 Eastern, for a free and open discussion about #productization of legal services. Our guest will be Greg Siskind and he will be sharing his insights into productization efforts and learnings in the area of immigration law. Greg has been working on some cool projects and it’s a great opportunity to learn about them, how Greg got started in productization, and the lessons he’s learned.

It’s also a great way to learn about our “The Essentials” course (and summer is the perfect time to take it – convince your employer to let you use some of that professional development travel budget you’ve saved your employer over the last year or so).

Go to Exponential.Legal and submit your email address to receive an invitation and details about this free event.

This session will be a great way to kickstart one of your new legal product ideas or just to learn about what legal products might look like. Hope to see you there.

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