I’ve been busy adding some new content to the Michigan State University Center for Law, Technology & Innovation website. My major recent success has been posting links to some great videos from the spring semester and earlier this summer.

On the Video Resources page, you’ll now find:

  • Presentations and Judging from our recent MSU Rising 2L Legal Design Challenge
  • A full replay of a 3-hour webinar on Virtual Reality in Law Practice
  • Interviews from our “Leading Edge of Law” interview series, including Irene Mo, Greg Siskind, Reid Trautz, Brooke Moore and Laura O’Bryan, Chase Hertzel, and LaDierdre McKinney.
  • A short video introduction to the Center

You’ll find all the videos at this link.

A special thank you to the Center’s 2020-2021 research assistants, Cj Uwandu, Geny Adel, and Kanza Khan all their work in creating these video resources and making them available.

Watch for content to continue to grow.

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