Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast logoIt seemed like a good time to share a batch of recent episodes of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast. The spring semester is over, grades are in, I’m focusing on Legal Innovation as a Service for the summer, and I’m enjoying the summertime.

And summertime is the perfect time to get caught up on podcast listening.

Here’s a list of what Tom and I have been discussing on the show over the past few months. Lots of good stuff. We invite you to jump in and listen. Even better, subscribe to the podcast in your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss any episodes. We have some cool topics on the upcoming schedule.

  • Metavisting the Metaverse – Dennis and Tom plunge into the metaverse—its trends, current tech, and possibilities for the future.
  • The Wild World of NFTs – Dennis and Tom dive into these unique digital objects (art, video, and much more) and outline the issues surrounding their current hype and value in the real world.
  • No, This Podcast Could Not Have Been an Email – Dennis and Tom help you understand the nuances of both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration modalities.
  • Second Brain Project: Updates and Branching Brainwaves – Dennis and Tom have found that—just like real brains—their Second Brain projects are unique! Listen in for updates on the latest iterations of their diverging strategies and the tech tools bringing their Brains to life.
  • Seeing the Forest Through Decision Trees – Dennis and Tom talk through the concept of “decision trees” and explain a variety of methods for modeling out choices and outcomes to help you make better decisions.
  • Are We Approaching the Great Social Media Resignation? – Dennis and Tom give their two cents on the possible Twitter takeover, hashing out the changes Musk might bring to the platform and whether users might just call it quits en masse.
  • Improve Your At-Home Sound Quality – Dennis and Tom welcome David Tewksbury of Harman to talk through the steps of creating an effective workspace that meets your audio needs.
  • How to Approach Your Home Office Upgrade – Post-Covid, the work-from-home lifestyle has become a lot more permanent than many of us thought it would. With this shift, many are realizing their home office setup might need some tweaks to become an effective workspace. So, where to begin? Dennis and Tom talk about their own experiences, lay out ideas for approaching your upgrades, and recommend products for lighting, desks, chairs, monitors, sound equipment, and more.

As always, let us know what you think about the shows and potential topics for future shows. And support our sponsors!

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