I got the chance to do a guest spot on Terrell Turner’s Law Firms and Finance podcast and the episode was just released. It seemed like a great topic for my first blog post of the new year.Microphone photo

The episode is called “How to Figure Out Legal Technology” and you can listen to and watch it here

What technology is the best fit for your law firm?

Terrell and I had a lot of fun recording the show, as you will probably notice, and I tried to share as much practical advice about legal technology as I could fit into the show. We started with the question “What technology is the best fit for your firm?” and let it roll from there. Hope you find it helpful.

Terrell has done a lot of great episodes and I encourage you to check out his podcast.

I really like the way Terrell highlights the mantra, “Be a lifetime learner.”

And we are off to another year on DennisKennedy.Blog, where we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the launch of the blog in February.


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