I’m wrapping up a busy semester. Lots of AI. I taught a class called AI and the Law and did a 3-session mini-class called the LegalRnD Studio at Michigan State University College of Law to teach students and others about AI prompting. I have a couple of other AI CLE presentations coming up in June at the Great Lakes Legal Conference. I also finished reading Ethan Moillick’s great new book on generative AI – Co-intelligence: Living and Working with AI. Spoiler Alert: With a couple of smallish exceptions, I’m very much in alignment with Mollick’s approach.

I’ve done a ton of AI experiments this semester, primarily in GPT-4, but they feel like they were a bit ad hoc and scattered to me. I want to focus on a major coordinated AI project for the summer.

As I wait for final papers to be submitted for me to grade, I’ve taken a little time to think about what that big project might be. And I’ve found it.

In my AI and the Law class, we discussed several times the idea of “AI as assistant” or “AI as agent.” More specifically, we talked about learning assistants and ways to personalize AI learning tools. That’s where I’m heading.

I plan to experiment with personalized learning tools in many ways – many tools, many personalizations, and many personal learning assistant prompts added to my AI prompt toolbox.

I’m waiting until after I submit grades to start on this project, but I can already feel it start to take shape. I plan to share updates on my progress from to time this summer.

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