William Barns Graham at the GC Research Club interviewed me a while back about technology as it relates to in-house counsel, some of my uses of technology, collaboration and other topics. The interview originally ran in two parts, but has been collected conveniently in one place, as “GCRC Interview: Dennis Kennedy, Vice President, Counsel at MasterCard Worldwide – Whole Interview” on the GCResearchClub.com website, along with other interviews, all of which I would recommend. It’s nice to be able to reach an international audience with this interview.

Ann Page, in her “JANUARY 2014 REPORT – Legal Department Technological Solutions – What To Consider and Where To Start?“, highlighted a quote from the interview:

Because legal work is so collaborative, there’s a push to use new collaborative technologies, communication technologies and specialized practice technologies on an ongoing basis. We’ve still yet to get much past breaking the surface of analytical, automation and knowledge management tools.

In the interview, I talked about:

  • How my experience in law and technology complement each other
  • What technologies in-house counsel can use to better align their work to the demands of their employees
  • Whether lawyers and IT departments work well enough together
  • How big “cyberlaw” might become
  • Some of the technologies I personally use
  • Useful phone and tablet apps for lawyers

I had fun doing the interview and had fun re-reading it the other day. You might also find the interview worth your time and effort, especially if you are an in-house counsel or work with in-house counsel.

Let me know what you think.

Link to full interview.

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