Birthday Cake with PineappleTwelve years ago today, I launched this blog. I decided to call the blog simply DennisKennedy.Blog.

My blog and I celebrated the birth day quietly today, with only a little fanfare, as we awaited a large winter storm predicted for St. Louis.We talked at length about the positive response the blog has always gotten and the many great people the blog has introduced to me. My blog likes to claim most of the credit, of course, but, after twelve years, we both will admit it’s been a great collaboration. My blog also felt that the best birthday gift I could have given it was the revamping and redesign of the site last year.

In earlier years, I sometimes devoted a whole week to the blawgiversary of this blog and my own birthday. Longtime readers will recall that the blog was an early birthday present to myself in 2003. In the blawgiversary week, I often asked for questions from my audience and tried to answer them.

My blog and I are again offering to answer questions about the blog, blogging, legal tech or other things that interest you/ As always, I reserve the right to avoid questions or to cleverly answer an easier question than the one you actually ask. You can pose a question in the comments or by emailing me.

I also wanted to remind readers that the best way to read this blog is by subscribing to its RSS feed.

It’s been a great twelve years. My blog and I hope to keep it going for many more. Thanks for being a great audience.

– Dennis and DennisKennedy.Blog

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