There’s been a lot of discussion about how the definition of “competence” for lawyers also includes the duty to keep up with applicable technologies.

Talk can be cheap, but the good news is that doing something about learning about applicable technologies lawyers can be an inexpensive proposition, at least in the St. Louis, Missouri area.


Exhibit A on this topic is the Missouri Bar’s Lex Port 2015, which takes place on October 26 – 27 this year. Early bird pricing of $259 for up to 12.2 tech-focused CLE hours and up to 4.2 hours of ethics CLE. In Missouri, that will satisfy your ethics CLE requirement for two years.

There looks to be a ton of great sessions with some nationally-known speakers. Here’s the program brochure.

I’ve already turned in my handout materials – early. Just something for program planners to keep in mind about me.

I’ll be doing three presentations:

  1. Taking LinkedIn to the Next Level
  2. (more important now than ever)

  3. Technical Competence and the Rules of Professional Conduct
  4. (for Ethics CLE credit – a new presentation and a new approach to the topic from me)

  5. 50 Sites, Tips & Gadgets in 50 Minutes – with an all-star panel of Catherine Sanders Reach, Ben Schorr and Jeffrey Taylor

I like Lex Port because I always learn new things. If you are in the St. Louis area (or can make it there), it’s a great use of your time and CLE money. Registration information here.

Hope to see you there.

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