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Is your leadership team asking for more innovation from your law department? Is delivering innovation results on your department or personal annual objective list?

C-suites are demanding that their general counsels and law departments accelerate their efforts to keep pace with innovation goals across the organization. They want their law departments to be as creative as the rest of the business.

That’s what I’ve been focusing on lately – finding ways to help law departments improve their innovation results and stay ahead of the curve in our rapidly-changing corporate legal landscape. I think I have something that could help you and your team.

My summer 2024 keynote presentation is called “Successful Innovation Outcomes in Your Law Department: A Roadmap for Results in the Age of AI.” This presentation distills key insights and strategies I’ve gained from my extensive experience as both an in-house counsel and an innovator, and from countless hours of research into a practical roadmap. It outlines how to drive transformative results and improved outcomes in your law department. It also now includes my key learnings and recommendations on using AI as part of a law department innovation strategy based on my own AI experiments and my teaching of AI to law students.

It’s packed with practical advice for using tech like AI to make your team work better and get more measurable results from your innovation efforts. It’s based on my book, Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law: A Practical Guide for Law Firms, Law Departments and Other Legal Organizations (now available as a free PDF or in paperback or Kindle on Amazon) and new research and approaches I’ve developed since I wrote the book that I’ve been sharing in my law department innovation column on the LegalTech Hub.

This presentation represents my vision for the future of law departments – a future characterized by technological savvy, strategic innovation, and measurable success. It’s about paving a new path and boldly stepping into the future of law departments.

Here’s what your team can expect to gain:

Outcomes-Focused Innovation: The talk goes beyond just tech – it’s about improving results for your department and the clients you serve through tried and tested innovation techniques.

Quantifying Transformation: Measuring innovation is a challenge. This presentation lays out a path to the tangible results C-suites expect and provides you with the tools to communicate your results effectively in business terms.

Practical Tech Strategies: Full of actionable tips for harnessing AI and other technologies strategically, the presentation encourages practicality over theory, emphasizing the importance of fostering a positive culture around innovation.

Law department innovation is vastly different from law firm innovation. Too often, people knowledgeable in law firm innovation simply try to map what might work for law firms onto law departments without fully understanding those differences, with underwhelming results. I know what you’re up against and how to help you win because I’ve worked in an innovative law department.

I eagerly look forward to sharing this presentation and the insights in it with you at your next department meeting, retreat, or event. I believe it will bring tremendous value to your team, inspiring fresh ideas and providing practical guidance on embracing the future of law departments.

Ultimately, this is more than just a presentation – it’s an opportunity to inspire progress and drive innovation in your law department.

Innovation is not just a buzzword; it’s a journey, one that can lead to exceeding your objectives and improving partnerships within your organization. I would be thrilled to accompany you on this journey and help guide the way so you can seize the initiative and start presenting your C-suite with the innovation outcomes they’re expecting.

Are you ready to bring in new ideas and get creative and effective? Let’s discuss how we can tailor this keynote to your department’s unique needs and get it on your meeting agenda. Go to my speaking page now to learn more details. You can schedule a discussion of the presentation and your needs directly through my Calendly scheduling page.

Stay innovative!

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