Tom Mighell and I, with help from Debbie Foster, continued our annual tradition of looking backward and forward at #legaltech at the end/beginning of each year on our podcast. Of course, we do that in our own way.

Here are the two episodes of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast:

  1. Pardon the Interruption: 2021 Edition
  2. Dennis & Tom’s 2022 Tech Resolutions

In the first episode, as the description says, “Debbie Foster joins Dennis and Tom once again for their yearly “Pardon the Interruption”-esque recap. The trio examine oodles of issues and advancements (or lack thereof) in both legal tech and the profession in general.”

We covered a bunch of developments from all sides. You’ll hear my interest in innovation at the edges (especially productization), the continuing money flow into legal tech, cybersecurity, and a general sense of stasis, if not moving backward, in legal tech in 2021.

Debbie and Tom have great insights and we deliver it all in a fast-paced, game show style. Fun and informative.

In the second episode, Tom and I share our annual technology resolutions. We’re not fans of annual predictions, so we’ve moved to the actual concrete things we plan to do to improve our own use of technology. And, unlike all the predictions you see and hear, we go back and report on how well we did on our resolutions for last year.

My three 2022 tech resolutions are:

  1. Increasing my Notion expertise and continuing to build out the next generation of my Second Brain project.
  2. Focusing my tech learning on two topics: #web3 and document automation (for productization).
  3. Developing short video (see my TikTok efforts at @FairlyCreative and @dkenntt) and other creative outlets.

I also have some small resolutions of (a) tracking down and eliminating small tech annoyances and (b) upping my game with reminders and alerts.

We’ve covered a lot of ground in these episodes and given you a lot to think about, but, more importantly, we hope we’ve challenged you to take some actions.

Would love to hear your comments and hear about your own tech resolutions after you listen to the shows.

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