Graphic generated by DALLE of law department innovation in the style of Jackson PollockI’m excited to announce the debut of my new column on law department innovation for LegalTech Hub. It’s called “How to Solve the Biggest Disconnect in Law Department Innovation.”

As I say in the column:

“I routinely hear outside counsel say they wish their in-house counsel talked to them more about what they need so they could collaborate better. At the same time, I hear in-house counsel say that they wished their outside counsel talked to them more about what new things they could bring to the table to help them so they could collaborate better.”

What can you do, today, to bridge the biggest disconnect in law department innovation?

I’ve been thinking about writing a new column for a while. I wanted to write something about law department innovation in connection with my new Law Department Innovation Library.

Nikki Shaver and I talked about writing a column on the amazing LegalTech Hub website and I could not say yes fast enough.

I’m looking forward to a long collaboration and a regular outlet for my thinking on law department innovation.

Let me know what you think of the first column.

Note: Image of “law department innovation in style of Jackson Pollock” generated by DALLE 2

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