My friends and colleagues have been referring to me as an “idea therapist.” I hear this when they mention an idea or innovation project and I help them reshape it into something for which they can see a much clearer path than before. They describe what I do as idea therapy and think it is one of my best skills.

As a result, I have decided to spend the summer focusing on my Idea therapy Legal Innovation as a Service offering.

Here’s more information about it.

Idea Therapy, a specialized flat-fee service offering from Dennis Kennedy, is designed for law department innovation leaders and decision-makers who find themselves stuck or unsure about the next steps in their innovation projects. Dennis brings his unique perspective, expert insight, and track record to each session, helping to unlock the potential of your ideas and navigate past obstacles that may have halted progress. This service is particularly valuable for those grappling with challenging decisions, stagnating projects, or simply seeking a fresh, strategic perspective on their initiatives.

Streamlined, Outcome-Focused Therapy Process

Initial Diagnostic Meeting: The idea therapy journey begins with a thorough diagnostic discussion over Zoom where Dennis evaluates the strengths and limitations of your idea. This initial engagement is crucial for developing a tailored strategy that targets specific challenges and leverages potential opportunities within your project. The focus is on the idea or project.

Strategic Advice Delivery: Within two weeks or less, Dennis delivers a focused follow-up Zoom meeting where he presents customized strategies and practical advice designed to refine and advance your idea. This session aims to provide clear, actionable steps that will help you overcome hurdles and enhance the likelihood of success of your project.

Presentation and Interactive Q&A: Instead of producing a traditional consultant’s boilerplate written report, Dennis concludes with a dynamic presentation that outlines strategic recommendations. This interactive format allows for an extensive Q&A period, so you can ask pressing questions and fully understand and map out your next steps.

Key Features of Idea Therapy

Rapid and Concise: Idea Therapy is designed to be a quick and effective intervention, delivering results from start to finish in two weeks or less, perfect for leaders needing timely feedback.

Focused on Practical Outcomes: The service is geared towards tangible improvements, emphasizing actionable insights over theoretical analysis. It’s about making real-world progress in your innovation efforts.

Unblocking and Advancing: Central to Idea Therapy is its ability to help you get your project “unstuck.” Whether you’re dealing with decision paralysis, lack of clarity, or need a catalyst for progress, Dennis’s approach is designed to clear the way forward and inject new life into your projects.

Limited, Targeted Engagement: Idea Therapy is a standalone service meant to provide you with the necessary tools and insights to advance your initiatives without the need for ongoing expensive consulting arrangements. The objective is to equip you to independently lead your projects to success.

Why Choose Idea Therapy?

Choosing Idea Therapy means engaging with a trusted advisor who is dedicated to your success. Dennis Kennedy’s reputation as an “idea therapist” is built on his ability to see the core strengths and potential pitfalls of innovation projects, providing you with the clarity and direction needed to make strong, low-risk decisions. You can take confident, informed steps towards transforming your law department’s innovations into successful outcomes, so you get “unstuck” and move forward with confidence.

Schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss your law department’s Idea Therapy needs today.

Examples of When a Law Department Innovator Might Consider Idea Therapy

Launching a New Initiative: Before rolling out a new innovation program or project within the department.

Overcoming a Project Stall: When a current project isn’t progressing and needs a revitalized approach.

Preparing for Leadership Presentations: Crafting a compelling case for innovation projects to present to senior management or board members.

Pre-Implementation Review: Evaluating the potential impact and feasibility of a proposed innovation before full implementation.

Risk Assessment: Needing expert insight on the legal and technological risks associated with upcoming innovations.

Strategic Realignment: When shifting departmental goals or strategies requires a reassessment of ongoing or planned innovation projects.

Resource Allocation: Deciding how best to allocate limited resources among multiple competing innovation projects.

Evaluating AI and New Technology: When considering the adoption of new legal tech tools and needing to assess their fit within existing workflows.

Post-Failure Analysis: Learning from a project that did not meet expectations and preparing to move forward more effectively.

Flat fee price: US$9,500. Discounted pricing for work on multiple projects and ideas is available.

Schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss your law department’s Idea Therapy needs today.

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