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Tom Mighell and I have an annual tradition at The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast of publicly announcing and discussing our technology resolutions for the upcoming year. We also talk about how well or not so well we did with our resolutions from the last year.

The 2023 edition of the podcast is now out to launch the new year with a purposive start in episode 331 of the podcast called “Dennis and Tom’s 2023 Technology Resolutions.”

We also talk about some of our strategies for setting achievable goals and share some of the approaches and tips we’ve learned over the years. We also share our resolutions for the podcast in 2023. Spoiler: our goals for the podcast are more ambitious than they’ve been in earlier years. Stay tuned.

Here’s the show description:

With 2023 underway, the guys take a minute to see how they did on last year’s tech resolutions and talk through goals for the new year. Tune in for their approach to crafting resolutions with small steps and measurable victories. And, bottom line, don’t feel bad about giving up on a resolution that just isn’t bringing value to your life.

I share my three-part approach to tech resolutions:

First, is there a specific technology pain point that I’d like to alleviate or remove? Second, is there a new technology, a new skill, or a more advanced use of a technology that I’d like to learn? Third, is there something I can do to advance my career, accomplish more with technology, improve processes, or enhance client service?

My resolutions, you might be wondering? Here’s a short summary:

  1. Continue to build out my Second Brain project in Notion and completing the next phase (or two) of what I want to accomplish with that.
  2. Experiment with practical (emphasis on practical and small) applications of generative AI.
  3. Define and refine what I want to do in a “post-Twitter” world –  Become more intentional news and social media consumption; use Mighty Networks and other community tools as alternatives for smaller audiences; determine what I will actually use Twitter for

I also have a small resolution to focus on hardware that I have but want to learn to use more often and in better ways. Examples include the Apple Pencil 2 and the Elgato Stream Deck.

Tom also has great ideas, but . . . you’ll have to listen to the episode.

Let us know what you think about our resolutions and whether you find our approach helpful. We think resolutions podcasts and articles are way, way better than the flood of “predictions” articles we see this time of year.

You’ll find the episode here.

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