I recently presented to a great audience at the State Bar of Michigan Information Technology Law Section’s Annual conference about AI. I described my presentation as an introduction to AI for not-overly-technical lawyers. And it was a lot of fun. Although I’m now concentrating on speaking a private events, it was great to do a presentation for my local community of lawyers in Michigan.

I wanted to share a PDF of my slides from the session and a link to the PDF of my recent white paper on some of my own uses of generative AI tools.

I used the term “promptcrafting” in the session as an alternative to “prompt engineering” and was surprised how positively people reacted to that term. It better reflects how I feel about my approach to prompt, as it seems more art than science. I also am thinking that “conversation AI” is a more apt term than “generative AI.” I’ll probably write more about that in the future.

After the session, I received the following email from the organizer, which made me feel like I had delivered what they wanted for this conference:

I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your participation in the Michigan Bar IT Law Section’s Annual Conference. Your presentation on unraveling the story of AI in the legal field was enlightening and a highlight of our event. The way you delved into AI’s history and evolution within the legal landscape provided our attendees with a comprehensive understanding of this transformative technology. Your insights into the key opportunities and challenges associated with AI in law were incredibly valuable. Your presentation added immense value to our conference, and we are truly thankful for your participation.

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