The end of the year is a time of sharing at DennisKennedy.Blog. I have a special set of gifts for readers of the blog to celebrate the end of 2023.

Help yourself to one or all of these:

  1. Free PDF full version of my book, Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law: A Practical Guide for Law Firms, Law Departments and Other Legal Organizations.
  2. Free PDF handout of the materials for my approach to Personal Quarterly Offsites, the single most effective approach to planning and productivity I’ve found and consistently practice.
  3. For Generative AI experimenters, my white paper, “Adding a ‘Group Advisory Layer’ to Your Use of Generative AI Tools Through Structured Prompting: Using Personas for Advisory Boards, Task Forces, Mastermind Groups, and Other Collections of Personas to Assist in Evaluations, Assessments, Recommendations, Decision-making, and much more (Including Law-related Examples)
  4. The Fresh Voices on Legal Tech interview series on The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast. The most recent one was with Catherine Bamford.
  5. My article, “Displaying and Evidencing Contract Terms in a Post-Visual Era,” which was one of my favorite pieces of writing from 2023
  6. For members of the LegalTech Hub, my column on law department innovation.
  7. For those working in law department innovation, my Law Department Innovation Library.

This list will give you a good selection of reading for the end of the year and the beginning of next year. Enjoy!

Happy holidays and new year to all.

[Originally posted on DennisKennedy.Blog (https://www.denniskennedy.com/blog/)]

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