I had hundreds of reasons to leave Twitter/X in 2023. However, I found that more difficult to do than I would have expected. So, I lingered there in a kind of downward-drifting limbo.

I told many people over the last several months that the most difficult issue for me in leaving was saying goodbye to my Twitter persona, which I had grown quite fond of over the past sixteen years.

That persona grew and evolved over sixteen years and it had a voice I enjoyed writing with, once I learned who it was. I was very reluctant to let it go.

But now is the time to bring it to an end and, to paraphrase Lebron James, either take its talents to “somewhere else” or let it retire. I’ve decided on the latter. This is the announcement. And, I hope, an appropriate send-off from me.

As I tried to make The Decision, I finally realized that my Twitter persona had found its home on Twitter, but that Twitter no longer existed. Like many, I don’t even like to use “X” and still default to “Twitter” and “tweets.”

Whatever X is or becomes, it no longer feels anything like a home for my Twitter persona. And I’m finding no desire to craft and build a new “X” persona. It’s time to retire my Twitter persona.

I have found recently that my Twitter persona occasionally is making appearances elsewhere, like Zoom chats. That was also a signal to me that it was ready to leave X. Places like Zoom chats might become its every-now-and-then venue. It might also just go out to pasture after serving me and, I hope, its audience well for many years.

I’ve captured the archive (40,000+ tweets is, well, a lot of tweets). I will still maintain the @denniskennedy Twitter/X handle and make enough posts to keep the handle alive in the X world, but will not use the Twitter persona and voice there. It’ll be much more announcement-y in tone.

Look for this blog and LinkedIn to become my two main channels in 2024, along with The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast.

I resisted shutting down my Twitter persona for a long time, even though I knew the time had come to do so. The first day of 2024 felt like the right time to take that step and, with some mixed emotions, I’ve decided to do so and say goodbye to one of my favorite characters I’ve ever created. I want to do this in a way that feels like a retirement choice by me and not an eviction, which it would likely have soon become.

I’ll miss you, my old friend. I agree with you that this is the right time and the right way to go.

Image of my twiiter handle - bike in background with headshot of me in mask

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