I’ve started a new feature in the Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory Community Premium Group. I’m calling it, simply, enough, Tuesday Tips. Every Tuesday, I post 4 – 6 (and sometimes a few bonus tips) of cool stuff I’ve found that will be of interest to the legal innovation community (and others, frankly).

Premium group members get all the tips. Members of the free community receive one representative tip each week.

Here’s what I posted today to give you an idea about what I’m doing:

Tuesday Tips

1. 8 Cybersecurity Tips to Stay Protected in 2022https://www.howtogeek.com/778547/cybersecurity-tips-to-stay-protected/ – We can never revisit the basics of cybersecurity too often, Security is a process. Good, practical, and current overview of core steps to protect yourself and those who interact with you. An assigned reading in my University of Michigan Law School Legal technology Literacy and Leadership class.

2. Patrick McKenna’s ebook on Industry specializationhttps://f3cca18a-0d7b-426b-9404-86b930d9e63a.filesusr.com/ugd/b30d31_d329f6e9f5e541e59fa0eefe3ce1d5f0.pdf – When Patrick releases a new article, I read it immediately. Here’s a whole new ebook on the important topic of industry specialization – If you are looking for thematic approaches to innovation, here’s one to consider.

3. Pipelines to platforms to protocols: Reconfiguring value and redesigning markets, Sangeet Choudaryhttps://medium.com/bosonprotocol/pipelines-to-platforms-to-protocols-reconfiguring-value-and-redesigning-markets-548b1fffc84 – “The intersection of the platform economy and the token economy will bring about the next shift in value creation.”

4. An 8-Minute Animated Flight Over Ancient Romehttps://www.openculture.com/2022/01/an-8-minute-animated-flight-over-ancient-rome.html – Very cool. River views are fabulous, I love how visual technologies are helping us understand archaeology and history. Open Culture is a website that curates many great things.

5. Legal Productivity Slammed By Toxic Work Culturehttps://www.inhouseblog.com/legal-productivity/ – Culture eats, well, everything for breakfast. Toxic culture eats its breakfast, your breakfast, and then turns over the table, and leaves a big mess. Great insights in this blog post.

It’d be great to see you join the community. Lots of new things in store in 2022. Are you in?

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