It’s time for ABA TECHSHOW and I’m wrapping up my preparations. Hope to see you there. If you can’t be there, remember that you can get a peek of what is happening at the conference by checking out the Twitter hashtag #ABATECHSHOW. I’ll note that you can still get registered and attend. You can also get an Exhibit Hall pass for a day, and I always strongly encourage law students in Chicago to take advantage of special deals for law students.

I have a typically busy schedule, starting right away with an introductory “State of Legal Technology” panel presentation at the opening of TECHSHOW with Adriana Linares, Tom Mighell, Allison Shields and Paul Unger that will give a fast-paced summary of highlights from the 2013 ABA Technology Survey.

My main presentation is 2:15 PM on Friday, March 27, when Allison Shields and I will present a session on LinkedIn for Lawyers as part of the “How-to” track. We have decided on what we hope will be a great approach to learning LinkedIn. We’ll focus on LinkedIn Profiles and do some real-time editing of my LinkedIn Profile in an interactive way to help people learn how to edit their own Profiles and follow along and make changes during the session. I think this will be fun, practical and also result in me getting some updates to my own Profile actually done.

For people who want to talk more about LinkedIn after the session or can’t attend the session, Allison and I are hosting a Taste of TECHSHOW dinner on Friday night at Roy’s Hawaiian Restaurant. Be sure to sign up for the dinner before it sells out. For an even more radical approach, I believe there might still be an opportunity to sponsor the dinner.

Obviously, both the session and the dinner will help get the word out on our two new LinkedIn books, LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers (Second Edition) and LinkedIn in One Hour. LIOHFL 2ed Image

Allison and I have published a couple of LinkedIn articles in 2014: Fourteen LinkedIn Tips for 2014 and Making the Most of LinkedIn. Allison’s LegalEase blog also has great ongoing coverage of LinkedIn for lawyers. We’ll also be presenting a webinar on LinkedIn for Lawyers: Getting Real World Results from Online Networking for ALI CLE on April 7.

I’ll also be co-hosting a Taste of TECHSHOW dinner on Thursday night on the topic of living in two tech worlds (Mac and PC, iOS and Android, et al.). Tom will be speaking on iPads for Lawyers at the Chicago Apple Store on Michigan Avenue tonight. There’s also what should be another excellent LexThink .1 tonight.

I’ll also be working booths for the ABA Law Practice Division Publishing Board, the Legal Technology Resource Center, and the Conference Concierge booth (Saturday morning 8:00 to 9:30 (maybe the best time to talk to me)). I’ll also be involved in a “So You Want to Write for the ABA” session, where I’ll discuss ways to write for the Legal Technology Resource Center (a great opportunity for anyone interested in legal technology).

Wow, I’m going to be busy, but ABA TECHSHOW is always my favorite technology conference. And, as I’m sure I’ll be reminding myself, it’s the good kind of tired.

Hope to see you there. If you read this blog, be sure to introduce yourself.

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LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers (Second Edition), the new book from Allison Shields and me, is now available (iBook version also available). Our previous book, Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers, is also available (iBook version here). Also still available, The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together, by Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell.