I have recently taken early retirement from Mastercard. I’ve already learned from telling this to people that I need to say “But Mastercard is the only thing that I am retiring from.” I felt that now was the right time to make some major changes. The photo to the right is from my retirement party.

The first big change is that we will be leaving St. Louis and relocating to Ann Arbor, Michigan in the spring. We want to be closer to my Dad and my family, and I’ve always wanted to live in a great university town.

I’ll also be moving in some new professional directions – most expected, but perhaps a few surprises. There will definitely be more writing (especially on my blog), more speaking, and more involvement in some of the outside projects that have interested me over the last few years.

It was quite a run at Mastercard. I got to work with great people on large and meaningful projects and keep at the cutting edge of technology, innovation, and law.

So many people helped me on this decision with much-appreciated insights and advice: Wendy Werner, Cash Butler, David Cowen, Allison Shields, Tom Mighell, Dan Linna, Ahaji Amos, Michael Khoury, Marty Schwimmer, Amanda Gioia, Adam Camras, Jim McKelly, and, especially, Whitney Johnson (understanding S-curves played a huge role in my decision-making process) are some of the people I wanted to mention.

I’m excited about this change. The timing seems right. I appreciate your good thoughts and am always happy to hear what ideas you have. More details to come.

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