I’m so excited to announce my new Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory Community on the Mighty Networks platform.

The KIPL Community is something I’ve wanted to build for many years and I believe I’ve found the best way to do that. I invite you to join in on a transformational journey for innovators in law.

Why am I launching this now? Here’s the Big Purpose:

I bring together innovators, thinkers and doers in law to share our experiences and access innovation resources, courses and projects, so that we can create a collaborative space that provides independence from organizational inertia, freedom to innovate as we want, and support of our professional and personal legacies.

That’s the big picture. What are the details?

The real action will be in the KIPL Premium group – exclusive content, a $60 discount on my new Personal Quarterly Offsites course, discounts on some of my products and services, activities, events, networking, and more. There is also a very lightweight, limited-feature free group to give you a taste of the platform, the community, and a sampling of new content.

What you will find in the KIPL Premium group.

  • Exclusive content – this group will be my primary outlet for my longform content going forward. I’ll also create new content just for this group and post other content not available elsewhere (or that cannot be located easily)
  • Access to the KIPL Premium community – Mighty Networks gives us many ways to connect, communicate and collaborate
  • Regular themes, discussion topics, polls, questions and more to make every visit new and worthwhile.
  • Events, courses, and, maybe, office hours
  • Access to my new ideas and insights into new projects
  • My perspective on the industry as well as perspectives of some of my expert friends
  • Discounts on courses, products and services
  • A place to find the personal and professional transformation and recognition you want and already know that you are not likely to find within the confines of your current organization.\
  • And more

Charter member pricing is $12.99 monthly (or $129.99 annually). I’ll do the math for you – annual is the better deal. As a charter member, I will not increase your price for the life of the community (unless you ask me to do so).

Join today at the Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory Community site.

As I say on the site:

This community is a gathering place for innovators in law who have been influenced by my writing, speaking and other work and who have, in turned, influenced me. It is an experiment and an adventure to see what can grow be creating a community of people wanting to innovate in law. You’ll get easy access to my content, including some new kinds of exclusive content, longer thought pieces and opinions, reviews and commentary, online courses, special events, group activities, and networking. You can learn, share ideas and find people to collaborate with. It’s also a place for you to float ideas, get feedback and make new friends. Ultimately, we all are wanting to create a collaborative space that provides independence from organizational inertia, freedom to innovate as we want, and support of our professional and personal legacies. I want to try to create exactly that as part of my own legacy.

I invite you to join me.

Photo by Miriam Fischer from Pexels


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