A lot has been happening at Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory recently. Seemed like a good time to post an update.

  • Upcoming “Ask Me Anything” Zoom Webcast. I had so much fun and got such good feedback on my recent special guest appearance on Ari Kaplan’s Virtual Lunch. I’ve decided to run an experiment for the rest of the year with monthly open “Ask Me Anything” Zoom sessions. The first one will be on Thursday evening, October 28, at 8:00 Eastern. Details here. Hope to see you there.
  • Finishing Draft of New Version of Collaboration Tools Book. Next week, Tom and I will be submitting our draft of a new version of our book, The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technology, for peer review editing. Lots of new content, a new approach, and learnings from the pandemic. Watch for news as we get closer to publication.
  • Featured Legal Innovation as a Service. Does your law department need a “reality check” on its legal innovation projects before the end of 2021? My current featured “Legal Innovation as a Service” offering is called “Reality Check.” I’ll review your current or proposed innovation portfolio and assess whether what you are doing makes sense in the real world for a fixed fee of $7,500. I’m focusing on law departments. A good option if you are in the 2022 budget process.
  • Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory Community Premium Group. Premium Group members get access to special content, discounts, and PDFs of all the chapters of my Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law: A Practical Guide for Law Firms, Law Departments and Other Legal Organizations book. Join here.
  • LegalTech Vendor Insights Packages. These packages are designed to give you a pre-scoped, flat-fee, value-focused way to get the benefit of my high-regarded and highly-respected insights into the legaltech market, customers, and competitive products and services, plus my comments, questions, and suggestions on your strategies, plans, and roadmaps. More details here. I’m also considering one or two new advisory board roles for legaltech companies for 2022.
  • New Podcasts – The Kennedy-Mighell Report. Tom and I have done a bunch of podcasts on great topics – to-do list apps, our Second Brain project, ransomware, productization, COVID relections, automation, tagging, going back into the office, and more. See the list of episodes here.
  • Online Courses. Personal quarterly offsites are not only the most powerful personal productivity tool I’ve found, but I’ve also developed and evolved my own approach. Watch for much more from me on this front. In the Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory Community, you’ll find an online course on Personal Quarterly Offsites and an online course on LinkedIn Essentials from Allison Shields Johs and me. And there’s the Exponential.Legal “Getting Exponential: The Essentials” course.
  • Gumroad Products. I’ve started to go through some of the things I’ve created and am turning into inexpensive information products. You’ll be able to find them here.

That’s the update. I have a to-do list of new blog posts, so watch for more content soon. You can also see what I’m thinking about and doing on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @denniskennedy and @dkennedyblog.

[Originally posted on DennisKennedy.Blog (https://www.denniskennedy.com/blog/)]

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