In yesterday’s Delivering Legal Services class at Michigan State University College of Law, I introduced the approach of using mind mapping and brainstorming as tools to generate ideas. We did some initial experimentation before we launch into some target design thinking sessions over the next few weeks. The blackboard photo shows what we generated in about 15 minutes to start toward creating a new legal service. The exercise was a bit of pump priming.

The class reminded me how much I enjoy idea-generation.

And that reminded me how I needed to remind you that January is Innovation Ideas Month for me – and, very possibly, for you.

As part of my 20/20/2020 offering until the end of January, I’m doubling the number of ideas I offer in my Idea Sampler Pack from ten to twenty and keeping the price at $2,500. It’s a great way to learn how I can help you with ideas. And I’m primed.

Too many innovation efforts in law get off to poor starts because there simply aren’t enough ideas to consider. That’s where I can help improve your chances of successful innovation outcomes in law.

The 20/20/2020 offer ends January 31. Also available: 20% discount on bundles of two or more Legal Innovation as a Services packages booked on or before January 31.


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