Monk meditatingI held my latest half-day Personal Quarterly Offsite last weekend. As I’ve developed regular Personal Quarterly Offsites into a personal practice, I keep finding more benefits to this structured approach. The Personal Quarterly Offsite has become a regular, valuable touchpoint for me.

That’s why I recommend this practice to everyone. I, only partly joking, like to say that one of my regular takeaways for this exercise is that I should raise the price of my Personal Quarterly Offsite course because the return on investment is so good.

I started with the ideas that I needed to slow my pace and create large blocks of unscheduled free time this summer. I thought a lot about something I had heard Sharon Klotz say on a Zoom meeting that we needed “more space and less speed.”

That became one of my main themes and, as people who know me and my schedule would agree, one of my big challenges. One way I want to push myself this summer is by trying to prove (to myself) that I don’t have to start a bunch of new things or complete everything on my lists. And that that is OK.

I ended up with a bunch of mind maps and 9 single-spaced pages that I was able to distill down to the following:

  • Establish new fitness and family routines
  • Set and enforce new boundaries
  • Put most of my focus on three project areas
  • Gather evidence on some outstanding projects to determine whether to terminate or push them back
  • Slow my pace and minimize self-expectations

The key exercise was to map put what an ideal summer for me would look like from the perspective of the end of summer. Very useful.

And, as usual, the simple action of getting everything out of my head and onto paper has paid dividends already – more energy and more focus.

If you’d like to try your own Personal Quarterly Offsite, I offer a complete guide that you can use over and over again in my “Productive Personal Quarterly Offsites for Busy Legal Professionals” online course, one of many features of the Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory Community.

I thought a lot about something I had heard Sharon Klotz say on a Zoom meeting that we needed “more space and less speed.”

If you have tried this approach, I’d love to hear your results and reflections.

Willing to spend just a half day to focus on your most important but not urgent priorities? My online Productive Personal Quarterly Offsites for Busy Legal Professionals course gives you an executable plan. Learn more and buy at


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