book cover (front) of The lawyer's Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies#Collaboration is the hottest topic in #legaltech today! We all must find smart ways to work together.

And, just in time, Tom Mighell and I are pleased to announce the publication of the new edition of our classic book on collaboration tools and technologies: The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies, Work from Home Edition.

This book is a must-have, especially for law firm and law department technology committees, law firm managing partners and CIOs, general counsel, heads of legal operations, and law libraries. If you are a forward-looking legal professional concerned about meeting the growing collaboration expectations of your clients and colleagues (and who isn’t), this practical guide will help you ask the right questions, chart your path to the future, and give you the concrete action steps you need to make it easy for others to work with you now and to keep on working with you into the future.

Back cover with quotes of The Lawyer's Guide to Collaboration Tools and TechnologiesComments on the book:

Lawyering today is all about collaboration. As we face the new normal that includes working from home, thank you to Dennis and Tom for writing the new definitive guide for collaboration tools.
—Linda Klein, Senior Manager Shareholder, Baker Donelson, and Past President of American Bar Association

Kennedy and Mighell provide everyone working in a law office with a detailed look at the big picture of understanding and utilizing collaboration tools. From working on shared documents to transferring knowledge—and understanding the best tools to use in a variety of settings including online meetings, calendaring, mind mapping and project planning—this book explains the tools and processes that can help you run a more successful practice.
—Patrick J. McKenna, internationally recognized lecturer, strategist, seasoned advisor to law firm leaders and co-author of First Among Equals

“While lawyers have come to recognize the many benefits of collaborating in the cloud, many are overwhelmed by the sheer number of collaboration tools available to them. That’s where this book comes in. In it, you’ll find a roadmap and the tools you’ll need to choose the right software for your law firm and clients. If you’re ready to raise the bar on your law firm’s online collaboration, look no further.
—Niki Black, Lawyer and Legal Technology Evangelist at MyCase

The pandemic marked a turning point in lawyer collaboration, accelerating and intensifying the growth of collaborative legal work and rendering visible and commonplace the tools and techniques with which lawyers, forced to work from home, could still work together with others to serve clients. In this up-to-the-minute new edition of their authoritative classic, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell give the legal profession an accessible, detailed, step-by-step guide to learning and then mastering the art of collaboration.
—Jordan Furlong, Principal, Law21

Collaboration is a superpower and foundational for thriving in the 21st century practice of law. And this book is the single most valuable resource on the topic available for legal professions: Dennis and Tom have done all the research and heavy lifting so we all can get to collaborating!” —Cat Moon, Director of Innovation Design, Vanderbilt Law School

You can order the book today from the ABA Bookstore, where you can also see the table of contents, introduction, and a sample chapter.

Among other things, you’ll learn:

Best practices for working from home
The distinction between collaborating within vs. outside your firm
Collaborating on documents online and off
Practical ways to manage cases and transactions
Simple collaboration tools to use with clients, colleagues, and others
Commonly used collaboration platforms
Developing a collaboration strategy for your firm
Practical issues, tips, and techniques
The future of collaboration in the practice of law

Order the book today from the ABA Bookstore

Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast logoTom and I are also doing a series of episodes on The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast about collaboration topics.

Already released:

The Latest in Collaboration Tools & Technologies

Collaborating in Hybrid Work Environments

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